Help find a cure for Alzheimers and give elders and their caregivers better quality of life.

Cognitive disorders are often a major reason we lose independence as we age. These diseases also profoundly impact caregivers, who are frequently family members.

Alzheimer’s disease, the most well-known of cognitive disorders, is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States.

Walk With Us

Why This Walkathon?

Rotarians are people of ACTION.  We exist to be of service, supporting clean water, food security, medical care, and other basic needs. 

Join in supporting this fundraiser and join us in making a difference in fighting dementia and supporting much-needed care.

Dementia is a defining challenge of our time. Meeting challenges is what we do. This marathon is our way of making a difference and of putting our values into results.

Join us in supporting the best research and caregiving: CART and MemoryCare

The CART Fund (Coins for Alzheimer's Research Trust)

The CART Fund is a 501(C)3 nonprofit that plays major role in Alzheimer’s research. Over $9.2 million has been provided in 55 grants to recognized US research institutions. 100% of donated funds go to research.

MemoryCare: Support for those impacted by cognitive disorders

MemoryCare is an Asheville, NC-based non-profit helping individuals with Alzheimer’s Disease and other cognitive disorders live as fully as possible. It also provides support for families and caregivers.

Walk With Us

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Download this brochure to find out more about CART, MemoryCare and the Rotary Club of Asheville-Biltmore

The Walkathon is February 25-26. Don't wait - participate today

Walk With Us

Rotary Club of Asheville-Biltmore